Independent Music Touring Eligibility and Criteria


  • Musicians (solo or musicians) must be from the pilot area described above as the Front Range of Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and neighboring communities.

  • Musicians cannot be currently signed to a major record label.

  • The program seeks to connect independent acts to nonprofit arts presenters; musicians with extensive experience in nonprofit arts touring are ineligible.

  • Musicians may perform any genre, but original and innovative music is desirable.

Criteria for Selection:
    1. Artistic Merit and Creativity Musicians will be judged on artistic merit according to current standards within their self-identified genre(s). Novelty and innovation are key components of artistic merit. Musicians have developed a new approach to their craft, either by incorporating unusual instrumentation, partnerships with other art performers incorporated into live performances (e.g. video art with a live show), or by pioneering a new sound.
    2. Musicianship Musicians present a mastery of their instruments and/or voice as is appropriate for their style and genre. Formal training does not necessarily indicate superb musicianship. If genre-appropriate, instrumentation will be consider an element of musicianship.
    3. Tour-Readiness Musicians have the required materials (EPK) to book performances outside of the area. These materials are professional quality. Musicians can present an audience-engaging live performance as evidenced by videos, live reviews, and the band’s description of their live show. Musicians have in their home region performed at quality establishments and have received top billing and/or opened for national acts. Musicians have toured to at least two dates a minimum of 50 miles from their home base in the past 12-18 months.
    4. Career Development Musicians have sought out professional development opportunities and industry-related training or education. Musicians have identified career goals and plans to achieve them. Musicians have committed to their future success by investing in high-quality recordings according to the standards of their genre; these recordings have been "released" in some way to the public. Musicians have engaged in meaningful collaborations with other musicians, businesses, or community organizations and/or has created programming outside of its own musical activity. Musicians have launched into the sale of merchandise to support the musicians and extend their influence.