VAT Review Criteria

Review Criteria

Review Criteria

  • Artistic Excellence. Artistic excellence is an important criterion for the Visual Arts Touring program. Specifically, the program seeks to fund projects that demonstrate a high degree of artistic skill. The applicant must make a compelling case that the artist(s) should be considered a noteworthy visual artists in the region. WESTAF seeks to expand the awareness of artists who have significantly influenced the aesthetic of a state or a region. WESTAF is also interested in building the understanding of environments, issues, and ideas rooted in the West that have been explored by seasoned artists and/or groups of artists. Artists of very high quality who are relatively unknown are of special interest as are artists who have served as teachers and/or leaders within the arts field, and who have influenced other artists. This project is funded by the NEA's Visual Arts Touring program. Artist Samples submitted with your application should help panelists determine the quality of the artist. The relevance and potential impact of the artist in relation to your community will also be considered.

  • Presentation of programs to underserved and/or culturally diverse audiences. Through the Visual Arts Program, WESTAF and the NEA aims to encourage the presentation of visual arts exhibitioin to culturally diverse audiences and those that do not typically enjoy ready access to the arts. In order to understand local need and interests, WESTAF advocates working directly with individuals and community groups from communities that your organization seeks to serve. Community development and participation will be a key component of a successful VAT grant application.

  • Technology Component Organizations that receive awards will be required to allocate $5,000 of either their own funds or the awarded funds to support a Web component related to the exhibitions. They will be required to develop an interactive Web site that can be used to promote the exhibition and the artist(s) in the exhibition. Once established, the site may be adapted by the organization for other uses following the conclusion of the touring exhibition. Devlopement or adoption of innovative uses of technology that will expand the impact of the physical exhibitions and provide for greater participation and education through an online interface is a key component of a successful VAT Grant application.

  • Organizational Capacity The VAT application should demonstrates that the organization has the experience and capacity to implement the proposed Visual Arts Tour.