How to upload your digital samples

Artistic Samples:
You are required to submit 12-15 Images of the proposed exhibition or artist works: Only jpgs formated 1920x1920 will be accepted.

How to Upload Samples
  1. Log in to your VAT account at

  2. After you log in, you will see a new link called "Manage Work Samples," listed in the system navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen. This new area of the CultureGrants Onlineā„¢ system allows you to upload, store, and manage your digital work samples. Please keep in mind, this is a repository or bank of your work samples, not your application. You will be given the option to select samples from the bank when completing your application. Click on "Manage Work Samples" to be taken to the "Manage Work Samples Main Menu" page.

  3. Please review the text and instructions on the "Manage Work Samples Main Menu" page. When you are ready to upload your samples and/or view your bank for any of your digital media sample, click the sample bank button to proceed to the sample management page. There will be four buttons one for each of the following media sample banks: IMAGES, AUDIO, VIDEO, and DOCUMENTS. Please be sure to review the requirements for each type of file prior to uploading your file(s).

  4. After clicking the sample bank button, you will be taken to the bank page for type of media file you are uploading. On this page, you will see a listing of the files currently in your bank. If visiting the bank for the first time, you will see an empty bank. The "Click to Add Samples" button will take you to the appropriate upload page.

  5. On the upload page, you will first select "Digital File" in the "Media" drop-down menu. Next, click "Browse" to browse your computer for the file you intend to upload. Once you find and select your file, click "open" to select the file for upload. In the next field, enter a title for the work sample to be uploaded. Complete any optional information and click the "Add Sample" button at the bottom of the page to upload the sample to your bank.

  6. Once you have uploaded the work sample(s) to your bank, click on the "Current Programs & Applications" button on the left side of your screen to start or continue your application.

  7. Within your application you will see page titled "Worksample Selection Page.". On this page you will need to select the samples from your sample media banks. On this page, you will also indicate the order in which you would like the panelists to review your samples.
Digital Sample Requirements
If you have elected to upload your work sample as a digital file please follow these technical requirements when creating your digital sample:

Video Sample Format Requirements:
  1. File Types Accepted: .3gp, .wmv, .avi, .mov, .asf, .mpg, .mp4, .m2t, .mkv, .m2ts
  2. Resolution: As large as 1920x1080 and As small as: 640x480
  3. Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9
  4. Bit Rate: above seem to 240Kbps work best.
  5. Frame Rate: Recommended: 30 fps. Minimum: 12 fps. The frame rate of the original video should be maintained without re-sampling. In particular pulldown and other frame rate re-sampling techniques are strongly discouraged.
  6. Codec: H.264, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Windows Media Video, and motion JPEG MPEG-1 Muxed, Apple Lossless
  7. Container: .3gp, .asf, .avi, .mov, .MPEG, .MPEG-2, .MP4, .ogg
  8. File Size: Your samples cannot be more than 100 mbs large.
  9. Please note your video file will be converted to flash in order for this to play back on the GOSmart media player.