Visual Arts Touring FAQs


Project Budget

  1. Matching Funds
    This project requires that funds be matched on a one-to-one basis. Matching funds can be in the form of either cash or in-kind. All matching funds must be documented in the manner required by the National Endowment for the Arts.

    The difference between Total Project Income and Total Project Expenses should be equal or greater than the request amount. For example, if your total project expenses are $100,000 and your total project income is $50,000, the implied request for funds from WESTAF is $50,000. If the total project expense is $76,000 and the project income is $36,000, the implied project request form WESTAF can be no more than $36,000 because this award requires a one-to-one match. Please note that a grantee cannot request more than $50,000.

  2. Project Income
    The project income budget section should not include the amount requested from WESTAF.

  3. In Kind
    If your organization projects the receipt of in-kind contributions toward the project, you must include the value of those in-kind goods and services as an expense. For example, if the local hardware store gives you $2,500 in paint and lumber for the installation of the exhibition, the $2,500 for "exhibition preparation" is to appear as an expense. On the revenue side the $2,500 should be included as In-kind revenue. The In-kind revenue line is for all in-kind revenue, so if there is $2,500 in in-kind support for exhibition preparation and $7,500 in other in-kind support, they will be combined for a total of $10,000 in in-kind dollars. Itemized in-kind support information will be collected as part of the final reporting process, at the conclusion of the grant award.

  4. Touring Locations and Finances
    The project must include exhibitions at least two other venues outside of the originating organization's home state, but be within the 13-state WESTAF region. If the originating institution's home is in California and the institution tours the exhibition to Hawai'i and Oregon, the costs of hosting the show at the Hawai'i and Oregon venues can be included in the overall project budget. The budget can also include the cost of mounting the show at the originating institution and those costs are assumed to relate to the preparation of the exhibition for touring.

    If the originating institution is touring the exhibition outside of the WESTAF region, the costs of the expenses associated with that tour cannot be included in the budget. However, if the originating institution is touring the exhibition to a third or fourth venue within the WESTAF region and within the project time period, costs associated with touring to those venues can be included in the project costs.

Project Dates

  1. The project is considered complete when the originating institution has opened the exhibition at the second touring venue. Open dates for both venues must occur within your grant cycle's project date range.
    1. For Quick Turn Around Grants (VATQTXXXX): The project date range is between 10/1/2014 to 12/30/2016.

  2. If originating institutions cannot fit tours into the established timeline, WESTAF will consider requests to extend the dates on a case-by-case basis. In such cases, please proceed to submit your application online and contact WESTAF to submit a formal request for an extension of the project completion deadline.

Touring contracts

The applicants who have been funded must finalize their touring contracts by January 1 of each cycle. After that, if a venue drops out, VAT project staff must be immediately notified via e-mail and and a new venue must be identified and replacement contracts must be submitted within 60 days.


Following the final submission of the grant application, WESTAF will convene a panel to select the strongest proposals. The VAT review panel reserves the right to make final decisions regarding eligibility. If you are considering applying for a project that may fall outside of the guidelines for eligibility, please call WESTAF at 303.629.1166

Grant Process

The VAT application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Representatives of the originating organization must review the VAT guidelines thoroughly and consider whether the organization is eligible to apply and whether it will compete favorably in the review process.
  2. New applicants and previous applicants with questions or new approaches to their applications call the WESTAF office at (303) 629-1166 to receive guidance from a VAT staff person.
  3. Contacts are made with other target locations venues to identify touring opportunities.
  4. The target touring locations are contacted and an agreement reached regarding the terms of work and the fees that will be paid. Written agreement or contract cosigned by the target touring locations must be submitted with the application. If an agreement or contract is not available at the time of the application deadline, a letter of intent from the target touring venues's will suffice. This documentation must include possible fees and costs for the touring venue. Final contracts/agreements between the originating organization and touring venues will be required if the applicant is funded.
  5. Discussions take place with community partners regarding the nature and extent of both the outreach and audience development activities. Community development and participation is a key component of a successful VAT grant application.
  6. The presenting organization completes and submits the VAT online application and sends in supporting materials by midnight of the deadline date.
  7. A WESTAF-organized panel reviews all applications and recommends applications for funding.
  8. The WESTAF executive committee reviews the recommendations, makes adjustments, and determines the final award amounts.
  9. Applicants receive notice of their application's status.
  10. Within 30 days of the notification of their awards, successful awardees must return their signed VAT contract to WESTAF. Failure to do so will result in the reallocation of funds to another project.
  11. Awardees submit a fully executed contract with the target venues to WESTAF by January 1. The contract must be cosigned by both the originating organization and the target touring venues, and include fee(s) and costs that the touring venues will pay, engagement date(s), the location(s) and description(s) of exhibit at the touring venue, and all outreach activities planned.
  12. If unforeseen circumstances have altered the ability of awardees to tour to the venues for which they were awarded VAT funds, applicants must secure the approval of WESTAF for a change in their engagements. WESTAF reserves the right to withdraw funding for any replacement performances.
  13. Within 30 days of completion of the project, a final report (including an evaluation form and narrative) is submitted to WESTAF along with promotional materials that show proof of crediting. Final reports must be filed online to be deemed complete.

Payment Request(s):

Grantees can request two payments during the grant cycle. Payments/Support through VAT is contingent on available funds.

First Payment - Grantees can request 50% initial payment once the following has been fulfilled:

  1. Copy of the final contract(s) between the originating organization and the two touring venues have been submitted to WESTAF. In order to receive the first payment, the exhibition need not yet have opened in the home venue.
  2. The grantee submits a budget that demonstrates 50% of the funds will be expended in a four-month period following receipt of the funds.
  3. A payment request form has been submitted online at
  4. Your payment request will be processed 30 to 60 days after receipt of budget and payment request, and if the grant agreement stipulations are met and the NEA funds have been received by WESTAF, a check will be sent to the address listed in your profile.

Second and Final Payment - The grantee can request the final project payment once the following have been fulfilled:

  1. The exhibition has opened at the final touring venue that is supported under this award.
  2. The grantee completes a final report documenting expenses for the full tour (including the first venue, preparation costs, etc.).
  3. The grantee submits receipts and time sheet records for these expenses.
  4. The grantee submits NEA-acceptable documentation of in-kind expenses.
  5. A payment request form has been submitted online at
  6. The grantee must show evidence of compliance with the technology requirement of the award.
  7. Your payment request will be processed 30 to 60 days after receipt of your final report, supporting materials, evidence of funder crediting and payment request, and if the grant agreement stipulations are met and the NEA funds have been received by WESTAF, a check will be sent to the address listed in your profile.

The grantee will have to reimburse WESTAF for any funds received, if the project does not complete and/or they cannot provide proof of expenses incurred for their project at the time the final report is submitted. Changes in plans may affect award amounts and must meet the goals and review criteria of the Visual Art Touring (VAT) program. Compliance is mandatory with all requirements, paperwork, and related time lines as described; failure to do so may jeopardize current and/or future funding.

To complete your final report:

Go to (note, no www in this URL) and log in using the same user name and password that was used for the application. If you have forgotten this information, there is a place below the log in for you to receive a reminder via email. If you still have trouble accessing the site, please call WESTAF at 303/629-1166.

Once logged in, click the “Current Programs and Applications” button. Scroll down to the program to which you need to submit your final report. The program name would be listed similar to this: Visual Arts Touring 2009

To access the final report form for your project(s), click on the link “Final Report- Applicatin ID”. You can then complete the final report information for your project and submit the report online.

Please note that if you click on the text reading "View Final Report PDF" a non-editable pdf will be generated--this is NOT your final report form.
Once the final report is complete, you can request your final payment online.

To request a payment:

You will need an invitational password to access the payment request form. Please contact WESTAF to get the appropriate invitational pass code. Please enter the passcode into the Invitational Password field located at the bottom of the left hand navigation. This will open a new program called VAT Payment Request. Under this section you will see a link to start an payment request application.

Please note as a part of the payment request process, you must submit proof of expenses. For your convenience the payment request form also accepts a file upload of your proof of expenses. We advise that you prepare your documentation into a scanned PDF file prior to starting your payment request. If you prefer, you can mail in a copy of your proof of expenses separately.

Your payment request will be processed 30 to 60 days after receipt, and if the grant agreement stipulations are met and the NEA funds have been received by WESTAF, a check will be sent to the address listed in your profile.