WAC Eligibility and Guidelines


  • Applicants must be members of the Washington Arts Consortium.
  • Applicants are limited to the following members:
    • Henry Gallery, University of Washington
    • Whatcom Museum of History & Art, Bellingham
    • Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture
    • Museum of Art,Washington State University, Pullman
    • Tacoma Art Museum
  • Applicants must be a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization or the equivalent with good standing with the IRS
  • Projects must include at least one public exhibition marketed to and open to the general public.
  • The exhibition must explore the work of Regional American Masters and must be agreed to by the Washington Art Consortium to meet this requirement.

Funding Levels

The Regional American Masterpieces WAC Exhibition Program is a one-time grant program managed by The Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). WESTAF will award qualifying members of the Washington Art Consortium a total of $20,000 each to support an exhibition. Each qualifying member organization can only submit one application. The exhibition will be/has been presented during the time period designated on the grant agreement.

The awarded funds are part of the American Masterpieces program of the National Endowment for the Arts. The funds will be paid in two installments. The first payment of $10,000 will be made after an initial invoice is presented to WESTAF upon the submission of proof that no less than $10,000 has been expended in the preparation of the exhibition. The second and final payment of $10,000 will be made upon the opening of the exhibition and after proof that another $10,000 has been expended on the project. No matching funds are required for this project, however, in-kind and matching monies are welcome and can be reported on the project final report.

Program Rules

In order to qualify for these monies, the awarded institution must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be a nonprofit organization in good standing with the IRS.
  2. It must credit the National Endowment for the Arts and WESTAF as sponsors of the project.
  3. It must agree to engage or attempt to engage in the technology projects affiliated with this program. These projects are:
    1. a community site that can be used to expand and extend the sponsored exhibition,
    2. an art education site that can be used to extend an exhibition into the schools, and
    3. a virtual catalogue site that can be used to document the exhibition online.
    Under the terms of this agreement, participating institutions are required to attempt to use these tools, however they are not required to use any of them. Any attempts will be coordinated with the WESTAF technology staff, who will be most interested in documenting the use patterns and attempted uses of the sites.
  4. It must agree to submit a final report that will be used to report back to the NEA regarding the nature of the exhibition activity and the level of public participation in it.

Required Credits

In order to receive funding, grantees are required to credit WESTAF and the NEA support in promotional/printed materials and electronic media related to funded exhibit. Using the following phrase: "These activities are supported, in part, with funds provided by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)." Printed materials also must include the WESTAF and NEA logos, which are available on the WESTAF Web site and/or by the calling the WESTAF office at (303) 629-1166.

Required Materials:

Please note, the items listed below must be submitted to the WESTAF office in support of your application. Clearly indicate your organization's name and application username with the materials you are submitting in support of your grant request. The mailing address for WESTAF is 1743 Wazee Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202. These required materials must be postmarked 30 days after your application submission.

  • 1 copy of proof of nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) status, or the equivalent, from the applicant's organization.
  • 1 set of promotional materials for the exhibition.
Grants Process

The Regional American Masterpieces application process consists of the following steps:

    1. The exhibiting organization completes and submits the online application and mails in supporting materials to WESTAF.
    2. Upon receipt of application, WESTAF will send the grantee a grant agreement. Within 30 days of receipt, the grantee must return the signed grant agreement to WESTAF.
    3. Upon receipt of Grant Agreement, the grantee will be notified of the payment request access code. They can at this time submit a payment request for the first $10,000 of the grant. The first payment is valid only if the grantee submits of proof that no less than $10,000 has been expended in the preparation of the exhibition. They can upload this proof in the payment request form or mail it in.
    4. If unforeseen circumstances have altered the exhibition, the grantee must obtain approval from the other members of the Washington Art Consortium to receive the fund for a different exhibition. The grantee must also submit a change request to WESTAF. WESTAF reserves the right to withdraw funding for any replacement exhibition.
    5. Within 30 days of completion of the exhibition, a final report (including an evaluation form and narrative) is to be submitted to WESTAF. Final reports must be filed online to be deemed complete.
    6. Upon receipt of final grant report, the grantee they can request a second payment of $10,000. The request is valid only if the grantee submits of proof that an additional $10,000 has been expended in for the exhibition. They can upload this proof in the payment request form or mail it in.
    7. The exhibitor will be reimbursed within 30 days of WESTAF's receipt payment request with supporting materials.